reel1 [rēl]
[ME relen < the n.: from the sensation of whirling]
1. to give way or fall back; sway, waver, or stagger as from being struck
2. to lurch or stagger about, as from drunkenness or dizziness
3. to go around and around; whirl
4. to feel dizzy; have a sensation of spinning or whirling
to cause to reel
[ME rele < OE hreol: see REEL3]
a reeling motion; whirl, stagger, etc.
reel2 [rēl]
[prob. < REEL1, n.]
a) a lively Scottish dance
b) short for VIRGINIA REEL
2. music for either of these
reel3 [rēl]
[ME < OE hreol < Gmc * hrehulaz < IE base * krek-, to strike, make a weaving motion > Gr krekein, to weave, Latvian krekls, shirt]
1. a frame or spool on which thread, wire, tape, film, a net, etc. is wound
2. such a frame set on the handle of a fishing rod, to wind up or let out the line
3. the quantity of wire, thread, film, tape, etc. usually wound on one reel
4. in some lawn mowers, a set of spiral steel blades rotating on a horizontal bar set between wheels
vt., vi.
to wind on a reel
reel in
1. to wind on a reel
2. to pull in (a fish) by winding a line on a reel
reel off
to tell, write, produce, etc. easily and quickly
reel out
to unwind from a reel
☆ right off the reel or off the reel
without hesitation or pause

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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